4th Polish–Slovak-Chinese Seminar on Ceramics and Polish-Chinese Workshop on SHENG Project


Dear Colleagues,

Due to global travel concerns in light of the latest developments regarding Coronavirus we decided to postpone the 4th Polish–Slovak-Chinese Seminar on Ceramics and Workshop on SHENG Project.

The most likely date is November or December 2020. However, It depends on how the coronavirus develops in the world.


4th Polish–Slovak-Chinese Seminar on Ceramics and Workshop on SHENG Project will be held in Warsaw, Poland, from 15th to the 17th of May 2020.

SHENG is a polish name for Polish-Chinese Funding Initiative launched by the Polish National Science Centre (NCN) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) which was established to strengthen international academic co-operation between Poland and China.

In this year the Seminar is organized by Warsaw University of TechnologyConfucius Institute at Warsaw University of Technology, UNIPRESS - Institute of High Pressure Physics under the auspices of the Polish Ceramic Society and ECerS .

Polish–Slovak-Chinese Seminar on Ceramics and Workshop on SHENG Project give an opportunity to meet scientists, researchers and engineers form China and Europe, learn about the latest cutting edge researches on ceramics, scientific discussions and exchange ideas as well as is a place where you can establish a new scientific international collaboration.

Polish–Slovak-Chinese Seminar on Ceramics will be focus on:

  • developments in powder synthesis
  • shaping methods, including additive manufacturing (AM)
  • sintering: conventional and unconventional sintering techniques such as field assisted sintering technologies, selective laser sintering, cold sintering
  • advanced structural ceramics, composites and refractories
  • functional ceramics for electronics, optics and other applications
  • ceramics for energy conversion and storage
  • methods and techniques of ceramic materials measurements
  • ceramics in cultural heritage and art

Workshop on SHENG Project will be devoted to progress in research concerning the common Polish-Chinese project.


I am looking forward to meeting you in Warsaw.

Pawel Falkowski

Chair of Organizing Committee 

e-mail: psc@ch.pw.edu.pl


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